Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs yesterday afternoon.

The boys are really good at this now. They don't need/want help at all. They also love to use more than one color on each egg.

Lily still needs a little bit of help, but she does pretty well on her own too.

She likes to use one color per egg.....and likes to take it out immediately. We have to talk her into leaving it in a little bit longer to make it darker.

She was done way before the boys were. =)

She did her eggs (7) and then wanted to do the boys eggs too since they were only on their 3rd or 4th egg each. We told her no. :0)

They all did a good job! This year there were no spills, no crying, no fighting, and only a few cracked eggs. This was the most relaxing egg dying experience we've had with the kids! Hopefully we can continue this trend next year. ;0)

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