Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to a mom who:
Let us take over her entire living room to play "town", dragging everything we owned to make stores.
Got 9 children up, dressed & ready for school, & packed our lunches, every morning.
Attended every basketball, football, soccer, & baseball game, track meet, wrestling match, cheerleading event, concert, and play.....for years.....
Let us be loud, messy, and have fun.
Got several kids dressed in layers to go out to play in the snow, just for us to come back in a few minutes later and dump said clothes in the doorway. (And she made hot cocoa too!)
Celebrated our good times, shared in our sadness, corrected our mistakes, and showed us how to be a good person.
Makes the best homemade cookies.
Loves our children as much as we do.
Has always been there and will always be there.
Happy Birthday Mom! We love you SO much!!


  1. That was super sweet!!

    You forgot though about when we did commercials and got all the stuff out of the bathroom trying to sell it!!

    Love you mom!!

  2. Such a sweet tribute to your mom! This had to totally make her day! :)

  3. Well said :0)