Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Story Time!

My sister Amy is a librarian in the children's section at the Central Library. We love to go to the programs that the library offers. Not only are they fun and educational, they're free! About a month ago, two of Amy's co-workers asked if Zach would like to be a helper in one of their story times. Zach was happy to help. So, last night we headed over to the library. The program was called, "Not Your Average Story Time." The stories that they did were funny and were more hands-on for the kids than normal story times are. The first one was a story about a farmer who wanted quiet in his house. Some of the kids got to help out with this story, including Lily & Riley! Lily was a sheep and got to say, "baa!"

Riley was a bed and said, "Squeak!"

It was a funny story and the kids loved being a part of it!

After another story and a few songs, Zach got to do his part. He was in a shadow story. They turned the lights off and got behind a screen so all you saw were the shadows:

It was a story of a little boy with a tummy ache and his mom called the doctor who pulled all of these crazy things out of his tummy. Some of the things were a fish on a fishing pole:

and a plant!

It was really cute, and Zach did a good job being the boy. =)

Below is a portion of the story:

Thanks Aunt Amy for letting us come and be a part of the stories!


  1. Glad you had fun!

  2. That is really cool!! What a fun idea :0)