Sunday, May 13, 2012


On Thursday, Lily & I went to Botanica with Camden & Dianna. It has been such beautiful weather lately, that we have been wanting to be outside as much as possible before it starts to get super hot, so when Dianna asked if we wanted to go, we said, "YES!"
We started out by the water fountains.
Fun fact: Camden LOVES fountains. =)

We wanted to see the butterflies, but they were not in the butterfly garden. I guess it is not the right time of year. =(
So, we headed off to the Children's Garden. There is so much for the kids to do there!

Another Fun Fact: These 2 kids like to play in water!
After they had fun in the Children's Garden, we decided to walk around the rest of Botanica. The flowers and plants are so pretty!

Last fun Fact: These are two pretty silly kids!

It was a fun time! Thanks for inviting us Dianna & Camden!

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  1. CUTE pics! Thanks for going with us!!