Friday, May 25, 2012

Lily's Recital

Lily had her Dance Recital tonight. She worked hard all year to learn ballet and tap, and she loves it!
Here she is in her cute costume:

Showing off her moves:

She has no problem going out on that stage and dancing in front of people.

After their ballet dance to "You Are My Sunshine", they went backstage to get their tap shoes on. After a few other classes went, they came back on to tap dance to "Breakfast At Tiffany's".

Lily loves these girls. She can't wait to go to dance each week to see them =)

Lily with her flowers after her recital:

Lily and her class did a great job!! They were all so cute up there dancing their little hearts out.
Good job Lily!!! We are proud of you!!


  1. So so so so cute! Looks like she had fun too!

  2. She looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the video of her dance. Congrats Lily!