Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Craft Day

We had our last Craft Day before school gets out. :0(
I am planning on having a craft day with all of the kids this summer, but next year, Lily, Johnny, and Ares will be in Kindergarten, so no more of these fun days next year. I have been told several times that I can still do this with the kids who are not in school, but since 3 of them will still be babies, that's probably not going to happen. ;0) Sorry Camden! You can still come over and play though. :0)
Before we started our crafts, I just had to take pictures of these 2 cuties in their sunglasses: 

Our first craft was making a tissue paper snail. Each of the kids got a paper plate with a snail "body" attached. They used tissue paper squares to decorate the shell and then added a googly eye to it's head.

Aren't they cute?? 

Except for the one with the pink eye (which is obviously Lily's), I have no idea whose is whose.
The next project was a handprint and poem for the kids to give to their mommy.

For some reason I only took a picture of Ares' paper....
After the kids all played outside for awhile (yeah for Mommy break!), they had a yummy snack of cookies that they got to frost and put sprinkles on that Aunt Dianna brought and yummy juice from Aunt Mary. Thanks!!

It was another fun craft day! Thank you Dianna, Mary, and Rachel, for letting your little ones come over and have these fun days with Lily. We really appreciated getting to have other kids over throughout the year. =) 

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