Saturday, May 5, 2012

Magical Baby Lamb

Lily has a Baby Lamb that she has had since she was a baby. If you know anything about Lily, you know that she absolutely loves Baby Lamb. She is very important to Lily. She plays with her, dresses her up, sleeps with her, and talks about her all of the time. So the other day when Lily was talking about Baby Lamb, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Except for the fact that Lily was saying that Baby Lamb was magical. She kept telling me that Baby Lamb would move while Lily was out of the room. So, I decided that Baby Lamb should not only move while Lily wasn't there, but also do funny things too. So, yesterday morning when Lily went up to her room to check on Baby Lamb (she puts her down for "naps" and then gets her up), she saw that Baby Lamb wasn't taking a nap at all! She was doing this:

 She was very surprised!
She was very surprised!
She told Baby Lamb she was supposed to be taking a nap. So, she put her back to bed.
Obviously Baby Lamb still did not want to take a nap, because the next time that Lily went into her room, Baby Lamb was reading a book: 

She could not wait to tell her brother's about what Baby Lamb had been doing all day! Zach decided that he would try to stop Baby Lamb from moving (because he was certain it wasn't actually Baby Lamb) so he put her in Lily's pajama drawer. What he didn't know though, was that Lily can not keep a secret and told me where Baby Lamb was... So, when Lily went to get her pajama's on, Baby Lamb was not in her drawer. She was on her bed in princess clothes!

Lily was shocked!

After that, Zach said, "OK, this is getting creepy!"
So, to further creep Zach out (because we're good parents like that), Jeff had Baby Lamb waiting on the stairs for them when they went up to bed:

And not only was Baby Lamb moving, but so was Riley's Bunny....

and Zach's Dog-Dog:

Riley really didn't care that Bunny has moved. :0) He just laughed and went to bed. Zach however was really starting to get freaked out. To the point where he didn't even want Dog-Dog in his room last night. So, we took pity on him and asked him if he really thought the animals moved on their own. He realized then that Jeff & I were doing it. So, he took Dog-Dog back upstairs and went to sleep. But this morning, he called Lily in his room to see this:

He had put a helmet on Dog-Dog and made it look like he was fighting a monster. Ha ha! It was so funny! =) Lily loved it that Dog-Dog was moving too. (And Zach loved being in on the secret!)
Baby Lamb has only moved once today. She was playing with Lily's shoes:

Lily thought it was so funny that she was doing this. I'm not too sure how much Baby Lamb is going to move anymore. I'm sure she'll do funny things from time to time, but not several times in one day. I'm running out of things for her to do! ;0) 
This was so fun to do with Lily. (and Zach!) It was fun to see her reaction each time. And as far as I know, she still thinks that Baby Lamb is doing it using magic. =)


  1. This is so stinkin funny!!!!!!!!! I also loved that Zach got in on it...after he was done being creeped out! :0)

    Too Funny!!

  2. (because we're good parents like that) was my favorite line in this. :)

  3. Been following for awhile. LOVE this post. Totally something I'd do.

  4. this is too cute and Lily will remember this for a long, long time.