Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Thursday, the boys had their Spring Concert. Here are my handsome boys:

They were so excited to sing their songs! I'm not too sure how many more years they will be excited about school concerts. ;0)
The first graders sang Animals on Parade and Going to the Zoo. Riley was especially excited about the zoo song since that is where his class went for their field trip! They did a great job singing!! =)

When it was time for the third graders to sing, Zach walked up and gave me a big thumbs up! =) (You can see his cousin Taby in this picture too. She's the cute girl in a light pink dress diagonal from Zach.) Zach's class sang Kookaburra and Rockin' Robin. During Rockin' Robin, the kids all started dancing and Zach did this hilarious dance where he looked like he was a bird. It was so funny! He is such a crazy kid! Ha ha! 

The third grade also did a great job on their songs! It was fun to actually listen to the songs I knew the boys had been working so hard on. Good job Zach & Riley!!  

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