Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Letter Art Project

Last week, we made these cool letter canvas paintings. I saw a version of it on my friend Nikki's blog. They used painter's tape to tape designs on their canvases, but I decided to just do the first letter of their first name.
This is what I needed:

Canvases (I used 81/2 x 11), painter's tape, acrylic paint, and brushes.
First, I taped their letter onto their canvas:

I bought 2 shades of each of their favorite colors, and then they used those two shades to make a third shade that they liked:

Then they each painted lines across their canvas and over the tape, alternating colors.

Riley & Lily went straight across, but Zach chose to do it diagonally.

When they were done, we let them sit and dry.

After they were dry, I pulled off the tape. 

Their letters really stand out against the paint! They all got to choose where they got to hang them in their rooms. Good job kids!


  1. Such a CUTE idea. I love it!!


  2. Love, Love, Love these. They turned out awesome!!! My kids are already asking to make more canvas art. :) Great job! I'll have to steal the idea of them making their own color by mixing two together.