Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sponge Bombs!

We had a sponge bomb fight yesterday at my sister Mary's house. I saw the idea for these on Pinterest & thought they would be fun to add to our Summer Fun List. I asked everyone to help buy sponges because it takes 2 sponges to make one sponge bomb, and there were 11 kids doing it. This is how I made them:
You need sponges (lots of colors make them more fun, I think), zip ties, wire cutters, and scissors.

Cut up the sponges into four long strips:

Take 8 of the strips and stack them in two's so you have a nice pile. (This picture does not actually show a pile, I forgot to take that picture.) ;0)

Place a zip tie around the middle of the stack and pull it as tight as you can.

Use wire cutters (or nail clippers) to cut off the extra zip tie. And that's it!

We had around 20 sponges to play with!

I filled bowls full of water with the sponges in them & let the kids go get them & either throw the sponges at each other or squish the water out of them onto each other.

I think the kids all had fun and we can even save them for next year!!


  1. Great Idea Jenny!! I am so thankful that I get to stay home and take the boys to all these fun eventgs with all the cousins. I hope they remember this when they are all older.


  2. This is so simple but looks like great fun. It would even be fun with "older Kids"

  3. We're getting ready to have a water fun day outside in a couple weeks with the kids I babysit on Fridays. I am totally stealing this idea to do along with water guns and water balloons. Too cool! Thanks for the idea!!!