Monday, July 2, 2012

Science Day!

Last Thursday, my sister Amy invited us over for a science day at her house! The first thing she had set up for us to make was oobleck!

Each kid got water and they could add what color they wanted, plus cornstarch. (You use 1 part water & 1 1/2 to 2 parts cornstarch)

They slowly added their water to their cornstarch.

After awhile, they couldn't use their spoon anymore, so they had to use their hands!! 

All of the kids liked this part, except Lily. She put one finger in and decided it was too messy for her. LOL!
The kids had fun experimenting with it. If you let your hand gently slide into it, it is a liquid. If you try to push your finger into it really hard, it is a solid!

After we got all of the oobleck cleaned up, we made volcanoes!
Each child got a paper plate, a little plastic cup, and foil.

They taped the cup to the paper plate, then wrapped the foil around it and cut a whole where the cup was. Then they added baking soda & water to the cup and put food coloring in it:

Then it was time for the vinegar! The vinegar reacts with the baking soda and makes it look like a volcano erupting!

After lunch, we headed to the basement to make slime!

I have no idea how this was made. It had glue, water, and borax in it, but I'm not sure how it all was put together. The kids loved it though! =) 

The grand finale of the day was mentos in pop bottles!
Amy had a bottle of pop and a package of mentos for each kid. She also had a cool gadget to put the mentos in with a string attached to it so that the kids could pull the string away from the pop so they weren't right under it when it went off. 

I loved Riley's face when his pop went up in the air!

Apparently Lily couldn't wait, because she pulled the string before she & Amy coudl get out of the way. Poor Amy!

Zach just stuck his face in his to drink the minty pop!

The kids had so much fun & learned some cool stuff on science day. Thanks Amy for inviting the kids over & and doing these fun experiments with them!

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