Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th of July

We had a pretty quiet 4th of July this year. Poor Jeff is going on his 3rd week of pneumonia and the doctor told him he had to stay inside and rest. So, we decided to stay at home this year, that way Jeff wasn't completely left out.
We took our annual 4th of July shirt picture. :0)

Then we broke out the fireworks!

We did about half of their "day works" and then hit Lily's new slip n slide to cool off!

Popsicles after the slip n slide? Yes, please!

It was rather toasty, so we stayed indoors for awhile and played. Ares (and the rest of his family) came over to see us! Apparently that meant Lily & Ares needed to play dress-up. ;0) 

After awhile, the kids couldn't stand seeing all of those unused fireworks, so we headed back out to shoot the rest of the day ones off.

To cool off this time, the kids jumped in the pool!

Then it was time for some yummy watermelon....

and homemade peach ice cream! (Thanks Grammy!!)

Then it was time guessed it! More fireworks!

Zach & Riley were pretending to be wizards with wands....

The kids had some cool fountains that they shot off:

Jeff was very good and stayed inside during all of this fun stuff. He did come sit in front of the front glass door and watched though.
The one time he came outside, was to light the one big nightwork he had bought.

It was a really good firework too! Then he went back inside while the kids & I cleaned up and then sat on the driveway watching all of the neighbors' fireworks.
Even though our 4th was pretty laid back, it was nice. And I think the kids had a lot of fun. :0)

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  1. So glad you had fun and Jeff BEHAVED himself ;0)

    I really hope it does some good and he feels better and stays healthy!!