Friday, May 24, 2013


The kids got out of school at noon on Thursday, so we went to lunch, and then headed to Botanica. On Thursdays, Botanica is only $3.00 per person! And now through July they have a cool Once Upon A Time section!
We started out at the butterfly house. Lily & I have been to Botanica before, but the boys never have. They were pretty excited about all of these butterflies!

We even got to see some coming out of their chrysalis's!

They tried really hard to get the butterflies to land on them, and finally they did!

(We also saw a snail)

After we had our fill of butterflies, we headed over to the Children's Garden.

Lily kept saying, "You are going to LOVE it boys!!" :0) I'm glad they did, because she hyped it up a lot. ;0)

After the Children's Garden, we went over to their temporary exhibit, Once Upon A Time:

It was really cool. They had buildings that went along with different fairy tales. Here are Riley & Lily trapped in the witches candy house. Oh No!

The kids being bears:

They had these funny signs all over the place:

The princess & the pea:

They had storybooks at each spot where it would tell the story if you pushed a button.

This is Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma's house:

And Jack's house, complete with a beanstalk:

Riley was hanging out by two of the three Little Pigs' houses:

Then the kids discovered costumes! Here is Zach as the Big Bad Wolf blowing down the pigs' house:

And here he is after he died from not being able to blow the brick house down:

Aw! Little Red Riding Hood.....

Uh Oh! Little Red doesn't know what is sneaking up on her!

Watch out Red!

Too bad, he got her. ;0)

 Meanwhile, in Once Upon A Time Land, Riley became a witch and caught some children.....

and cooked them.....

(Come on, no one was surprised by this turn of events.) ;0)

Two of the pigs must have rebuilt their houses!

After all of the excitement over there, we saw the king & queen:

and their court musician....

Before we left Once Upon A Time Land, they wanted to do one more thing. Here is Grandma sleeping, Little Red Riding Hood knocking on her door, and the Big Bad Wolf creeping up on them.

Ha Ha! Such silly kids! =)

After that, we walked around Botanica looking at all of the plants.

We all had a lot of fun, and the kids want to go back again soon!

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  1. WoW that looks super fun! The pics are priceless!! :0)