Friday, May 10, 2013

We're Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

On Monday, Jeff & I went on the Kindergarten Field Trip to the zoo. We had Lily & her BFF Charlie as our "group". =)
They were really excited when they saw this peacock and it let them stand so close to it!

We ran into a few other groups from All Saints while waiting for our group lesson:

Their lesson was on fossils. They got a cup of dirt and they had to look through it to find different things. Lily found a shark tooth!

Lily & Charlie used the zoo key on everyone they could find to learn about the animals and hear fun songs.

I'm glad it's not just my kids who like to pose with statues.....

After lunch we headed over to the petting zoo.

There was a peacock over there too, and it was showing it's feathers off!

We were getting ready to head inside the barn when we saw that you could feed the baby lambs. We got in line and both Lily & Charlie got to bottle feed one!

Then we headed inside where the only things they wanted to do was take pictures on the wooden horse & cow. :0)

By the middle of the afternoon, these two were getting tired! This is what they did in the gorilla area:

After a little rest, they were off again!

This is Lily's class:

It was a fun day had by all!

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