Thursday, May 30, 2013

Silly String & Sprinkler Fun!

One of the things the kids got in their summer fun bucket was silly string. The other day, we headed out to the backyard with their swimsuits on to spray each other. They had a blast!!

When the string was all out, I turned on the sprinkler to get all of that silly string off of them. :0)

Emma was watching them from the deck and yelling at them. =)

Then I moved her closer so she would get sprayed when the wind blew the water towards the deck. She wasn't too sure about this. LOL!

After they were all sprinklered out, they dried off and had some yummy treats. Lemon ices for the boys:

A sundae cone for Lily:

And crackers for Emma:

An afternoon of fun for $3.00 worth of silly string. :0)

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