Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Concert

Last Thursday, the kids had their Spring Concert. They all sang songs from different countries. It was really fun to listen to the different types of songs.
The Kindergarten was first. Lily was SUPER excited!

Both of their songs had cute actions!

Soon it was Riley's class's turn.

He was so worried we wouldn't like his songs because he didn't really like them.

He had nothing to worry about, of course, because he and his class did a great job!

Finally it was the 4th grade's turn. Zach was so excited about all of the hard work he had put in to this concert.

During their first song, they played the recorder. They sounded great!

The second song had words in Vietnamese, but they did great on that too!

Another concert over.....soon it will be time for Summer break!

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