Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of School Fun!

On Tuesday of this week, the kindergartners had an ice cream party! Throughout the year, they had been given sight words to memorize. Once they got each set memorized, they got a scoop on their ice cream cone. How many topping you got on your ice cream depended on how many scoops you got throughout the year. Lily memorized all of hers, so she got 10 toppings!!
Here are all of the toppings they could choose from:

Lily & Charlie:

I didn't get a picture of her ice cream before she started eating it, but here it is after she started:

Then today, they had a cute little ceremony in their classroom for the last day of school. They watched a slide show of their yer together, and then got diplomas for "graduating" kindergarten! Here is Lily & Mrs. Heise. We love her!!

This was in her folder of things to take home:

Reading that made me tear up. I can't believe she will be in first grade next year!! Riley will be in 3rd & Zach will be in 5th!! What?!? So crazy. My little babies are not babies anymore. :0(
Now it is time to have some summer fun! We can't wait for all of our summer adventures!

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