Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back To School Gifts

Every year, I have the kids bring their new teachers something for the first day of school. I think it was cookies last year. This year, I got lotion for each teacher & put a cute tag on it wishing them a "smooth" year. :0)

Last year, I started giving the kids a first day of school treat with a cute saying. You can see what I did last year here:

This year, I got Hostess cakes & put :First (or 3rd or 5th) Grade is a piece of cake!

They will also get a bag of starburst, wishing them a day bursting with fun!

The kids all loved getting a special treat for the first day of school, so I hope they like these just as much!


  1. REALLY trying to make the rest of us moms look bad..... ;0)