Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Popping Paint Balloons!

Today, we popped paint balloons! My niece Rachel wanted her son to do this too, so we invited them over.
I put paint in balloons, and then blew them up a little. I staples a tarp onto the fence, and then staples the balloons onto the tarp/fence.

I foolishly thought Emma would sit in this while we were doing it. Yeah....she did not like being cooped up. Ceri did keep her company for awhile though. :0)
(I did take her out and she actually stayed away from the paint!) 

I had gotten sharp tipped darts, and the kids all took turns popping the balloons & watching the paint fly!

Most of the time, it took a few (several) tries for them to hit the balloons, but Ares hit a blue one (his favorite color!) the very first time!

This is what the tarp looked like afterwards. I could have put more paint in them, but this was enough mess for me. ;0) 
The kids had fun & loved when the paint came flying out!

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  1. It was a blast! Thank you so much for inviting us to do this with you! I will now steal some of these pictures muahaha!