Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Picking Peaches

On Saturday, we went to Steffen Orchard in Conway Springs to pick peaches. Last year we picked them somewhere else, and were not happy about the cost (we had to pay just to go into their fields!!) or the quality. We were very disappointed. :( In the fall, though we heard about Steffin Orchard & went there to pick apples & we LOVED it! So, we decided to come back this summer to pick peaches. We were not disappointed at all!! The peaches were big, juicy, and delicious! 

The kids had so much fun picking (and eating!) lots of peaches!

At first the kids were calling these snowman peaches which I thought was cute, but then the boys started calling them butt peaches.....of course.....

We came home with almost a full box of peaches. It cost us a little over $22.00. I know we can go to the store and get peaches for probably cheaper, but we can't have these fun memories of eating while we pick, climbing ladders to find "just the right one", or laughing together out in the summer sun. This is a tradition we have done for several years, and one I hope we keep up for years to come. 

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