Monday, August 5, 2013

Sprinkler Park!

We finally made it to the sprinkler park last week. We went lots of times last summer, but this summer, they almost didn't open because of the drought, then when they finally did open, it was either raining, chilly, or we were too busy. 
Anyway...we went last week & met my friend Ann & her three kids. (The sprinkler park in Wichita is at Osage Park by 31st & Meridian.) 

My kids jumped right in when we got there!

Emma wasn't too sure about the sprinklers...

That's as close as she got on her own. Zach did pick her up and run through the sprinklers with her, but she was not to happy with him after that. ;0)

While my kids did a lot of this:

Emma did a lot of this:

Walking around the outside, with Zach & Lily trying really hard to talk her into going in the water. No success though.

The last picture I took was of my boys with Ann's boys in the middle of the big sprayer. Silly boys!

Hopefully we will get back at least one more time before summer is over.

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