Thursday, August 22, 2013

Handprint Color Words

I saw this project on Pinterest (shocking, I know!), and I thought it would be cute for Miss Emma's playroom that her Momma just got all fixed up for her. It is color words with her handprint in each of the colors! 
We started out with half sheets of card stock & I printed the color words on each sheet:

Then I painted Emma's little hands & pressed them onto the paper:

She has actually gotten really good at keeping her fingers out and straight! 
These are the finished papers:

Next, I went to Micheal's and got scrapbook paper in each color with a cute design on it. Here are some:

I also made one that says, Emma's Color Words with her picture. :0)

Here they are up in Emma's playroom!!

Emma did a great job & I'm glad she & her mommy like them!


  1. Where was pintrest when you were watching Coop??!!? ;0)-


  2. Thanks again! They are awesome!