Friday, September 13, 2013

Goodbye Emma

A little over a year ago, Amy & Sam entrusted this little cutie into my care:

Today is my last day to watch her on a daily basis. I know I will still get to see her a lot, but it won't be the same. I am happy that Amy gets to stay home with her, but I am a little sad, that she won't be here everyday to crack me up. :0)
Here are some pictures from the last year of my time with Emma:

Good thing I'm her aunt. That way I still get to see her!! :0)


  1. She is SO DARN CUTE!! I am not sure who will be saddest? You or the kids :0) She was lucky to have you as a loving care giver. And Congrats to Amy. I know this day couldn't have come quick enough!


  2. I know I've said thank you about a million times, but thank you for all of the excellent love you gave Emma over the last year! She was VERY lucky that you wanted to watch her for me!!!
    We both love you very much!!!
    -Amy and Emma