Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

I did a cute sunshine art project with Emma yesterday. I needed a canvas (I used 12x16), yellow paint and one other color (I chose blue), stencils and....

An Emma!

You don't specifically need an Emma though. ;0)

First, I stenciled "You are my sunshine" on the canvas in blue (like the sky).

After that was dry, I painted one of Emma's hands yellow and pressed it a few inches away from the bottom corner of the canvas. You need to leave enough room so that you can do both hands and both feet.

After I did one hand, I did one foot, then did the other hand and foot. These are the sun's rays.

Before I was done, I needed to make the sun part. I just filled in the corner with yellow paint.

Don't do what I did & drop a giant blob of paint on the canvas where you don't want paint, so you have to fill it in awkwardly. I thought it was still cute though. Amy liked it & that's all that matters. :0)

I  Also have another little girl here with me this week, and while I thought I had two canvases, I guess I didn't. So, I made a different one using just paper. I printed the words from the computer this time, and just used 4 hand prints to make the sun. I thought this also turned out cute.

The girls and I had fun doing both of these. I might have to do something like this with Lily. (I don't think the boys will let me do this with them though.....) ;0)


  1. Amy better be prepared to step up her crafting/photog game or Emma isn't going to know what to do ;0)

    Very cute as always! Can't wait to see that little stinker in a couple of weeks :0) (Jenny I am talking about Emma here)


  2. I loved this project! I am going to have to do this when I do the weather.

  3. I think you ALWAYS need an Emma. ;-)
    Thanks for the painting! It's really sweet!

    Oh and Dianna - we will be going to Aunt Jenny's for craft day. ;-)