Monday, September 2, 2013

Zach's Room Make-Over

We moved into this house when Zach had just turned 4 years old, and I decided on how it was going to be decorated/painted. Since he will be 11 in a few months (Waah!!), I decided to let him have a room make-over. 
This is what his room looked like before: 

That was his idea of clean when I took these pictures....
Also, he had the blanket up because he likes his room dark. And I swear he had curtains, I just don't know what he did with them.....
(He also has gotten a new bed & dresser in the last year.)

Just cleaning out that bookshelf would have been an improvement, but after I cleaned it out, stripped off the wallpaper border, put primer over the burgundy paint, and had Jeff edge with the paint Zach picked out, it looked like this:

Yes, I was using his bottom bunk as a throw all for everything in his room. 

After I painted the walls, and Jeff put Zach's new bookshelf & desk together, we asked Zach where he wanted things up on his wall. 
This is the finished project:

I eventually want to get matching comforters for his top & bottom bunk, but that's going to have to wait a bit.
Zach is very happy with his new grown-up room! 
Now let's see if he actually keeps it clean now.......


  1. That is awesome! It looks bigger for some reason...maybe the lighter paint? What color are his walls, gray? They look lavender on my laptop but I feel confident that is not what he chose :0)


  2. Awesome - Its amazing how old he's getting!

  3. You know... you should tell him that K-State's school colors are purple and white. He might be interested in becoming a fan, it would totally match his room more than the Chiefs would ;)