Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunset Pictures

The kids didn't have school on Monday, so I took this opportunity to do an art project with them. Since the kids are all getting older, I'm trying to find projects that are a little bit more challenging, so they will last longer than 5 minutes. :0)
I've seen variations of this project before, so I thought we would try it out and make it our own. First, I showed the kids pictures of sunsets. They looked at what colors sunsets can be, and they noticed that the objects sometimes looked black against the sunset. They all chose an object they wanted in their picture, then they started painting their sunsets, while I looked for pictures to print out of their objects.

This is Lily's sunset when she was done painting it:

Riley chose dolphins for his picture, so he cut out some black paper for water, then he cut out the dolphins I printed out, that happened to be black, and glued them on his paper like they were jumping out of the water.

Lily wanted a tree, so she cut out black paper for grass, then she glued this tree onto black paper & cut it out to be glued, black side up, on her sunset.

Zach wanted a pirate ship. The ship he wanted was already black, but kind of intricate to cut out, so he cut out the basic shape, then glued it onto his paper and painted his sunset over it.

He also painted a beach and water.





I love how they all took the basic idea of this and made it their own. They all did a good job and it took them about an hour to do. (Yeah!) ;0)


  1. WOW those look beautiful! I also struggle to find things that the older boys will want to do that won't be over with in 5 minutes :0)

    Thanks for the idea