Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Baby Cousin To Love!!

On Sunday night, this little bundle of sweetness was born!

Mr. David was born to my sister & brother-in-law, Amy & Sam. We have been keeping his big sis, Miss Emma, so on Monday morning, I brought her up to the hospital to meet her new baby brother!

While she was curious at first, she was much to busy to see what all was in the room than to pay attention to that little guy, especially since he wasn't really doing anything. ;0) That's OK though, I didn't mind holding & loving on him!

Emma LOVES Mickey & Minnie Mouse, so Amy had these super cute shirts made that say Lil Sis & Lil Bro. Getting a good picture of them together was a tad difficult. ;0)

She did take a break from her exploring to give her brother a kiss though! :0)

Later on that evening, we all went up to meet David!

All three kids thought he was adorable!!

Jeff & I thought he was pretty cute too!

Welcome to the family David!

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  1. Thanks for coming to see me Aunt Jenny!