Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Fun Buckets

I have started giving the kids "Summer Fun Buckets" at the end of the school year. They are just filled with fun things for the summer. This year, I decided that I would get buckets, bags, etc. filled with things that are their favorite color. They all got some of the same things, but a lot of things are different. I got all of the stuff at Dollar Tree, so it doesn't have to be expensive to do this. :0)

Here is Riley's basket:

All of his stuff is mainly blue. Here is what he got:
silly string
butterfly net
grow & glow blue snake
blueberry scented pen
blue bouncy ball
blue glow stick
tikki cup
modeling clay
Berry Mike & Ike's
Nestle Crunch bits

Here is Lily's bag:

All of her stuff has pink on it. Here is what she got:
strawberry scented pink pen
flamingo glass
grow & glow fairy
Hello Kitty cotton candy
Princess glow stick
Pink yo-yo
lifesavers gummies
cupcake bubbles
silly string
color yourself princess bag
pink bouncy ball

Here is Zach's bucket:

His bucket theme was purple. Here is what he got:
glow stick
purple yo-yo
disc flinger
modeling clay
tikki cup
Nik L Nip candy
Trolli gummies
grape scented pen
silly string
purple crystal growing kit

They will get these on Thursday after they get out of school!

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