Sunday, May 4, 2014

Under The Big Top

After taking a year off from ballet, Lily decided she wanted to go back to it. We changed from going to the YMCA to Wichita Children's Theatre & she has been loving it! For the past several months, they have been working on the dance for their show, "Under The Big Top". This past weekend, they put it on four different times. While I was excited after the fourth show (and two rehearsals) were over, Lily was glad that she still has two more dance classes left for this year & that we are signing her up for Stage Dance for the summer. :0)

Here is Lily & her friend Abbie in their costumes:

They are the only two in their class who are in one class. Lily takes Primary Ballet, so they only have one dance. A lot of the other kids take Stage Dance as well, which is tap & jazz, so they get to do two dances for that class plus their ballet dance. They also get another costume. So, guess what we are doing next year? Yep, both ballet & stage dance. :0)

While I am sure that Lily will tell you her least favorite part about all of this is me pulling her gelled & hair sprayed hair into a bun, she does love to have me put make-up on, bring extra lipstick (just in case it needs to be reapplied....and according to her, it always does...), and wearing her costume. And dancing on stage of course!

Lily's class's dance was the Circus Polka. It was not actually a polka though. (Much to my sister Amy's relief.) ;0)

She did SUCH a GREAT job & you can tell she has worked very hard!

The final curtain call:

On the way home, she told me that she can't wait for next year's show!


  1. I just think a ballerina polka would have been a little awkward is all. ;-) Lily did such a good job!

  2. So glad she has dance to help her come out of her shy shell ;0)-
    She looked beautiful! Can't wait to see you on the next "Dance Moms" episode ;0)