Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Little Baker

Last week, Lily brought cookies that spelled out Happy Birthday to school since her birthday is in the summer. I had a ton of pink frosting leftover, so I thought Lily would like to make cupcakes with her Babycakes maker.
She wanted to do everything by herself, so I told her what to get out, and what to measure to. She did a great job!

It would be so much easier to use my stand mixer, but Lily likes to use the hand one, so she got that out and mixed away!

Then she decided they needed to be pink cupcakes, so she added food coloring:

A good baker always tastes their batter to make sure it's good! ;0)

She put the cupcake liners in the maker, but then decided it would be easier to fill them, then place them in the maker.

First batch is ready!!

Then it was time to decorate!!

Pretty and PINK!

And tasty too!


  1. Such a cute little baker! And Emma enjoyed looking at the pictures of Lily.

  2. Such a good little baker already!! Her cupcakes look yummy!!