Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Concert 2015

The kids had their school Christmas concert last Friday. All three kids had solos or duets for their songs!
They got all dressed up and Lily even let me curl her hair! ;0)

Lily's class sang Cancion de la Navidad first. Lily had a duet with her cousin Johnny in it!

They also sang Carol of the Angels.

Riley's class sang The Snow Lay on the Ground & This Holiday.

He had a duet in the second song.

The 7th grade sang Rejoice! A Festive Carol Celebration.

Zach had a solo!

Zach & Riley are both in Honor Choir this year. They sang Alleluia, Hodie Alleluia.

The also led everyone in Silent Night.
They all did great and had fun!!

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