Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lily as a Mouse in The Nutcracker!

Way back in August, Lily auditioned for the Nutcracker at Ballet Wichita:

A few weeks later, she got the official letter saying she got in and that she was a mouse!!

She started rehearsals in September, and worked hard for several months.
Then it was finally December & it was time for performances!!
There were 2 casts for the mice (and other characters that had little girls) and Lily's cast was chosen to do the tour show in Junction City, the weekend before the shows in Wichita. She got two nutcrackers from us; a nutcracker prince & a nutcracker mouse king:

Then she was off for a long day of dancing. :0)

She had a lot of fun and could not wait to perform some more!
She also performed in two matinée shows on Friday for school children.

Then came time to get ready for the big show on Sunday!
We braided her hair and got it all gelled back to stay in place:

Make-up time!

Ready to go!

Feeling excited & nervous!

Mom! Stop taking pictures of me and let me go in!! ;0)

My little mouse!! 
 You're not supposed to take pictures during the show, but I snuck this one in. :0) (That's why it's so blurry!)

Afterwards, she came out to meet her adoring fans! ;0)

Alyssa giving her flowers. :0)

Her teacher from Kindergarten & second grade, Mrs. Heise, (and my friend) came to see her and brought her an adorable stuffed mouse in a tutu!

Her teacher this year, Mrs. Matechik, & the teacher that she'll have next year, Ms. Theissen, came too!

And of course, lots of family!! Aunt Amy & Uncle Sam (not pictured), Aunt Mary & cousins Tabby & Alyssa, and cousins Rachel & Ceri!

She was super excited to see her BFF Ally there too!!

And of course, her brothers! Zach even bought her a nutcracker ornament from the boutique table. :0)

Finally, Grandma & Great Grandma Logan:

And of course, Jeff & I were there, I just don't have pictures of us. :0)

As soon as it was all over, she said she can't wait to audition again next year! So, I guess she liked it. ;)

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