Sunday, December 20, 2015

Grinch Night! (2015)

We had our annual Grinch Night a few nights ago. We changed up what we did a little bit this year. Usually we have Grinch punch and Grinch cookies. We still had the punch, but we had Grinch cake and Grinch pills to go with our movie!

Here's how I made the cake:
I needed 2 boxes of pound cake mix, (I was going to use frosting, but decided against it in the end), a heart cookie cutter, and red and green food coloring.

I made the cake according to the instructions on the box and added red food coloring. I like to use Wilton food coloring gels, because they after a cake is brighter compared to the liquids.

I baked it, let it cool, then sliced it up:

Then I cut a heart out of each slice:

and laid it in the pan so that they went across the pan and fit in snuggly next to each other.

Next, I made the second box of pound cake mix, but used green coloring this time.

I poured the green batter into the ends, then poured the rest over the rest of batter over the hearts.

All baked! Let it cool, then cut into it!

The Grinch's heart is inside!

The kids thought it was pretty cool!

The next treat was so much easier! Grinch Pills! I found this cute poem, printed it out, and glued it onto a package of tic-tacs for each of the kids.

Then, of course, Grinch Punch! Lime sherbet and sprite.

The kids enjoyed their treats and watched the Grinch. It is one of their favorite traditions! 

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