Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Fun!

The kids have been off school for Christmas break since last Friday. We have been busy getting ready for Christmas & have been doing lots of fun things! Here are two things that we have done:

Christmas lights ornaments:
We needed white bulbs, paint, and sharpies:

The kids all stuck their fingers into the paint and made finger prints on the bulbs in different colors all around the bulb.

After the paint was dry, I drew lines to connect them:

I think they turned out pretty cute!!

Another fun activity we did was making rice krispie treat trees.
We cheated and bought ready made treats, and cut them into triangles:

Then we added a Hershey kisses for the tree trunk.

Then the fun began! They frosted and decorated their trees!

They were very fun and easy to make, and the kids loved eating them afterwards!

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