Saturday, December 19, 2015

More Candy Cane Adventures!

Candy Cane has been pretty busy around here! Since the last time I updated, he was found playing Elf Twister with Sofia & a pony:

Lily said she that the pony had the advantage. ;0)

The morning after that, we found him eating lots of candy for breakfast!

The kids thought these mini versions of themselves were pretty funny!

Candy Cane had fun hanging out with mermaids and pretending to be one of them:

Candy Cane must be wishing for snow, because one morning, we found him pretending to make snow angels:

Back by popular demand; The Elf Zip Line!

One morning, the kids found it hard to get out of their rooms because of all of thee streamers in front of their doors!

We found the culprit hanging out with the evidence by Lily's door!

 Lily, right after she wakes up:

And finally, this morning, the kids found Candy Cane like this:

He must have been trying to get up some last minute decorations!

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