Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ballerina Lily

I ordered this Tutu (more on where at the bottom) and when I opened the box, Lily was extremely excited. She is such a girly-girl. She loved having it on & getting her picture taken. These were the best ones & it was hard to choose as she just sat there smiling. =)

I love this one where she is looking at the tutu.

I like the expression she has on her face in this one.
It's as if she is saying, "yes, I know I am cute."

I think she was done here.....

I ordered this tutu off of Etsy, it is a website that sells handmade items. Right now several of the people who sell things there are selling things in memory of a little girl named Cora Paige who died of cancer a few weeks ago at the age of 11 months. All of the proceeds go to the Cora Playground Fund. I do not know these people, but I heard their story through a friend's blog and it broke my heart. If you would like to buy some really cute handmade things, this is the place to do it. Go to and click on the pink button at the top if you would like to check it out.


  1. I was wondering if you got that from one of the Etsy shops! They are too cute and Lily looks adorable in it! Thanks for contributing!

  2. We'd be broke if we had a baby girl. The stuff on the Etsy website is so cute!
    Lily looks adorable.