Thursday, February 26, 2009


In case any of you are wondering about the fish we got at Fun Night....we only have one left. =( Yesterday morning, Jeff noticed one was dead and took it out. Obviously not giving our children enough credit, we decided not to say anything. Zach gets upset when the Disney characters die, so I really didn't want to explain why the fish died. Well, Riley was looking at the fish and said, "One of the fish is hiding!" Jeff & I must have exchanged a look that he noticed because then Riley said, "Did you EAT the fish?!?" (Riley has a strange fear that we are going to eat his fish....I don't even like fish!) We told him that it died. He asked why. We said because fish don't live long. He said OK. Crisis averted! Until after school. Zach looked in and did not notice that there were now only two, but what he did notice was that one of them was "sleeping" as he put it. Number two had kicked the bucket. Zach actually took this in stride too though. Even though they had named them, Zach's were Max and Diamond and Riley's was My Sweet Little Fish, (I'm not sure which one is still alive.) I guess they weren't that attached to them. Which is OK with me.

This is a cool trick you can do to you pictures. If you go to
you pick a picture and then upload your photo. (It works better if you shrink the size of your photo first.) I saw this on another person's blog and thought it was cool.

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  1. Jomarie's fish dies to. We asked her about it today and she said oh it died. We were like when, what did you do with it? She said last night, I threw it in my trash can! Vince and I were cracking up - this reminds me I need to take her trash out. ;)