Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun Night!

Tonight we went to Fun Night at Zach's school. The kids had a lot of fun and Jeff & I were exhausted afterwards! Here are some pictures of the fun we had.

This is the cupcake caterpillar I made for the Cake Walk.
These are the balloons that the "Balloon Man" made for Zach & Riley. Zach got a butterfly and Riley got a spider.

Here is Lily at the Cake Walk. She won two cakes her first two times doing it!!

Riley won a cake too later on in the evening!

Lily LOVES ducks, so when she won the first time, we took her over to the cakes & she yelled out, "Duck! Duck!" So this was the one she got.

This is the pop ring toss game that was in Zach's class. Riley and Zach both won a bottle of pop!!

By the end of the night we had won FIVE cakes!!! Jeff won the last one & he let a little girl who was next to him pick one out for herself since we definitely didn't need that many cakes. I am not sure what we are going to do with four. Here are the two cakes Lily won, and the cakes that Zach & Riley won.

We also won fish..... I am really not that excited about this one. =)
Zach won two and Riley won one.
(The two fish in the back are a really light color, so you can't really see them.)
All of the kids won other things too and got lots of consolation prizes. They all went to bed when we got home and promptly fell asleep.

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