Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zach Looses a Tooth

Zach lost his second tooth today after school. He lost his first tooth in December, but he wasn't that excited about it since the new tooth had already grown in behind the baby tooth. When his second tooth became loose, he was very excited because there was no new tooth crowding it out (that he could see). He has been wiggling that tooth for weeks now and when he came home from school today, he showed me that his tooth was just barely hanging in there. I asked him if he wanted me to pull it and he said yes. But, as I was pulling the last tiny thread that was holding it in there, he said, "No!" I showed him the tooth and said, "Too late." He was happy that it was out and that it was pain free. Now he is anxiuosly awaiting the Tooth Fairy. (After I persuaded him to not bring it to his class for Show and Tell.)

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