Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pretty Toes!

As I have said before, Lily loves having her toenails painted. She also wishes she could do it herself. Well, today she saw a bottle of nail polish & said, "Toes! Toes!" So I rolled up her jeans & painted her tiny little toenails. When I was done I went back to cleaning my bathroom. Lily went back into my bedroom. Soon I heard: "Toes! Toes!" I went into my room to see what she was doing. Yep, you guessed it, Lily had found another bottle of polish, had gotten the lid off, and was gleefully painting her toes. Amazingly, she didn't get a drop on her clothes......but did you know that you can get fingernail polish out of the carpet with fingernail polish remover?

Does this look the face of someone who thinks she is in trouble?


  1. Ha! I bet she was too cute for you to be mad at!

  2. Beautiful Toes!