Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Room Renovation

We finally painted the Family Room!! We have lived in this house for over 2 1/2 years and I have been talking about painting this room forever, but have just never done it. First of all, I HATE to paint walls...seriously. I also could never decide on curtains for this room. I have very neutral/solid colors in the rest of the house, but I wanted something a little different in here. Not crazy different mind you, just different from white. =)

I found curtains that I liked that went with what I had in mind for this room on Saturday.
I'm the type of person, that once I make up my mind (finally...) I like to just jump in there and do it. So, I took these before pictures.....

In case you are wondering, my family room does not usually look like this. This is after I took out the five million toys, books, random shoes.....

it's not reality, but it looks better this way. =)

On Sunday, I picked out two colors. A tannish color for the top half and a burgundy color for the bottom. (which Riley kept calling burglary.) =) Then we wanted to put up a chair rail to separate the two colors. We actually found the same trim that they used on our windows, so that worked out great!!
We got the painting done in two days.

But with all of the things we have going on recently, it took a little longer to stain the wood for the chair rail and for Jeff to find time to put it all up. That part was the hardest!!! I am so glad my husband is so handy!!
I really like the final result. It really changed the room! The kids like it too. Riley says we have a "fancy house" now. Ha ha! He cracks me up!

I decided not to put up the picture and flowers that had been over the fireplace mantle, and I still think I need to put something above where the TV is...even though Jeff thinks it's fine just as it is..... =) Hopefully I can find something I like soon. If you have any suggestions, I am open to all of them!
So, there is our little home renovation!


  1. It looks fantastic!! I LOVE it! My suggestion is that you come down to Garden Ridge and Ross of course to find that perfect piece!!

    Or you could go to Hobby Lobby or Kohls or better yet TJMaxx home section and look at their artwork. I also like iron work and maybe some cool candle sticks on one side and a green flowing plant maybe on the otherside. Just a suggestion. OR better yet a 14x14 picture of me over the mantle...yeah that's it...I'll get working on my close up ;0)

  2. It looks very cozy!!!! It's amazing what a little color and curtains will do for a room!
    Good job!

  3. It looks great! Very nice. And Riley is right, I do love it! (Just maybe not enough to have a sleepover in it)