Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Art Projects

Fall is finally starting to creep in, so last week, we started making Fall art projects!

This one I did with just Lily. Since she isn't good with scissors yet (OK, I don't let her use scissors...) I cut out squares of orange, yellow, and red and had her glue them onto a piece of paper with a leaf printed on it.

I tried to have her say the names of the colors while she was gluing, but she thinks everything is blue, so we didn't get very far with that. =)

I also had Riley and Lily do fingerprint leaves on paper with trees printed on them.
Riley did a really good job using his fingers.....Lily decided to make handprint least she had fun! =)

Can you tell which one is Ri's & which one is Lily's?

The last project we did is making a scarecrow face. I cut out all of the shapes and the kids glued them onto a small paper plate.

Aren't they cute? (oh, the kids are cute too.)

Those are our Fall projects for now..... now I can't wait for Fall weather!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Riley and Lily, you did a Fantastic Job on your Fall Art Projects!!

    -Aunt Dianna