Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I took Lily to another Zoo class today. This time it was to learn about turtles! She was way more into it this time. Last time she stuck to me like glue for most of the class and hardly participated. But this time she was all about learning! First they had little centers where you could color a turtle picture or play with toys while we waited to get started.

After they listened to a turtle story, they broke into groups and talked about turtles. In the first group, they talked about what turtles eat. Here is Lily "feeding" her turtle a sunflower.

After more fun facts, they pretended to be turtles. Lily LOVED this part. They pretended to hide in their "shells", they climbed over "rocks" and climbed through a hollow "log". She had SO much fun doing this!

Then they brought out a REAL turtle!!!

All of the kids got to touch it's shell and one of it's legs. It's name was Shelly. =)

Lily had so much fun at her turtle workshop!!!

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