Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tiger Scouts!

Zach had his first Tiger Cub Scout meeting last night! He was SO excited!!!! He wanted to be in scouts so bad last year, but they don't offer scouts for Kindergarten boys at his school. (I don't know if this is a Boy Scout thing or just his school.) So, when they passed out papers to sign up at the end of the year last year, he couldn't wait to show me. We signed him up and he even got to go to a Boy Scout social event in August. Last night was the first meeting for his individual troop though, and he got to wear his brand new uniform. (Complete with patches that Jeff & I sewed on with our limited sewing ability....I think we are going to find some way to iron them on next time.....really, it shouldn't take two adults 2 hours to sew on three numbers and a circle.) Jeff is a volunteer and goes to all of the meetings with him. Zach had a lot of fun last night and even earned his first badge last night!! He will receive it at the Boy Scout meeting for the whole school next month!

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