Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun At The Fair!

We went to the Kansas State Fair yesterday. We invited along my sister Amy to go with us, which the kids were super excited about.

The first thing the kids saw that they wanted to do was go down this BIG slide!


Then the boys saw all of these prizes......and games that you could play to win those prizes....

The first one they played was a bowling one that looked easy, but was really kind of hard.....which I guess is the purpose of all of these games. The boys did not win at this one and they were really disappointed.

Then they saw this dart throwing one:

The guy running the booth promised that everyone would be a winner....which I interpreted as, he was going to try to get us to spend a ton of money letting Zach & Riley have chance after chance. Riley popped a balloon on the first try!!!!

But poor Zach had a hard time and got really discouraged when his darts were gone and he hadn't hit a balloon. That's when the VERY NICE man let Zach use more and more darts (for free!!) and showed him how to hold the dart until Zach popped one!!!!

So, each of the boys was a winner! They each chose swords (of course...such boys!) and they were very happy (as was I).

Then we found the slushies that my sister Mary had told us about. They had 12 different flavors and you could make your own flavor combo!!

I can just see Zach thinking of the possibilities! =)

Don't these look colorful and yummy?!?!

Then we headed off to the rides! Amy took the boys on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

They LOVED it! I also took Lily.....but she did NOT love it. =) Poor Lily.

Here are the kids dragging Amy off.....I don't think they like her..... =)

Amy took the boys on this water ride.

The boys loved it.....I think Amy did too, but this picture makes me think she didn't think she would get as wet as she did....

.....or maybe it was that she knew she was going to go up again....only on a bigger hill this time. =)

Then the boys went on the little roller coaster!

We took a break from the rides to see the Pig Races.

Our section was cheering for the pig in the red.....

but he lost each time........

until the last race where they had this fat piggy running in the race. He actually trotted more than ran, and he was really cute.

Then we took a food break. I had heard of a fried candy bar, but had never tasted one, so we bought one to try.

It was good! Zach wouldn't try it and Riley only wanted one bite, so they got ice cream. Lily & I loved it though.

We decided to see the animals next. First we saw the chickens, roosters, and ducks.

Then we moved on to the bunnies!!!

Aren't they cute?!?!

Then the boys got to ride a camel!!!

We asked Lily if she wanted to ride too, but she did not want to.

The boys had a lot of fun!

The petting zoo was next.

After looking at cows and sheep, the boys had had enough of that part of the fair, so we headed back to the rides. Lily loved the Ferris Wheel and both boys liked the rides that they had to walk through and go down a slide to get out of.

After being at the fair for 4 hours (Seriously?!?!) we headed to Yoder to eat dinner at Carriage Crossing. It was YUMMY!!

We didn't get home until after 9:30. It had been a long day at the fair, but definitely a fun day!


  1. Looks like you had LOADS of fun!! Our fair starts this Thurs so maybe we'll venture out to it. Fried candy bar...Yummy!

  2. It was soooooo much fun! Thanks for inviting me along!