Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stepping Stones

I bought kits to make stepping stones about a month and a half ago.......and then let them sit there on the floor.....until Sunday, when I finally talked Jeff into helping me. I was not brave enough to try to mix the concrete by myself. I was worried I wouldn't get the right consistency, and then the whole thing would be ruined. I actually ended up needing his help with a lot more than stirring the turns out this project was VERY messy. I know! Concrete...who would have thought? =)

Anyway...Jeff helped the boys stir the concrete and then he poured it into the molds.

Then each of the kids put their hands in their mold to make a hand print.

Riley looks super excited to be doing this! ;-)

Here are the cool stones the boys picked out to decorate their stone with.

Then Jeff & I wrote their names and the year in the concrete. They took a little over 24 hours to dry, and they are now in our backyard!

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