Saturday, October 3, 2009

Firehouse Banks

We went to Home Depot today to attend a workshop. My friend Stephanie has taken her kids and they loved it, so we thought we would check it out. They have them the first Saturday of each month. The kids get to make a project (this time was firehouse banks) and it is all free!

When we got there, we saw firetrucks, state trooper cars, firemen, policemen, and the K-9 dog!!!! They boys were SO excited!!

We went to the firetruck first and the fireman let the boys get in and check it out!

They even got to wear a helmet!

After that, we learned how to be safe if there is a fire in our house and we got to meet Safety Dog.
Then it was on to the project center! The boys each got their very own apron and they got to pick out hammers. (they got to keep the aprons, not the hammers.) =)

They couldn't wait to get started!

Lily was not as excited about the hammering, especially since she wasn't doing it. =)
So, she and I walked around while Jeff helped the boys.

Once she spotted Safety Dog again, she ran toward her. She stood there and laughed, hugged, and talked to the dog FOREVER! Seriously, I had to drag her away so other kids could get a chance. =)

We went back and checked on how the boys were doing. They were doing great!

When they were all done, they got certificates and a cool pin to put on their aprons to show that they did this workshop.

Here are their banks!

When the boys were all done with their banks, we walked over to see the K-9 dog and the State Trooper cars. The policemen were SO nice and talked to the kids and answered their questions.
Then we headed home. We can't wait for the next project!

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  1. That looks like so much fun!! Those are cool banks they made! My boys would have loved that...i'll have to see if they do that down here.