Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Things

Here are some random things that happened this weekend, and I thought I would throw them all into one post.

First, here is Lily in her Chief's cheerleader outfit. She thought it was a princess dress, and I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't, so she walked around all day saying she was a pretty princess. =)

Zach's last soccer game was Saturday. He got a medal at the end of the game and a cool picture with him and his teammates that one of the mom's took at the beginning of the season. He was really proud of his medal!

Today, the boys found a fuzzy caterpillar! Isn't it cute???

Jeff gave them a glass jar to keep it in and they found a branch, grass, leaves, and even some flowers to put in with it.

After much debate on what they wanted to name it, (Riley kept insisting on calling it Riley.) =) they settled on Speedy because he kept crawling off really fast......trying to get away from them. =)
I don't have any pictures of this next event, but I thought it would be funny to tell you. Earlier today, I thought Lily was in one room with Jeff & Jeff thought she was in another room with me. When we discovered she wasn't with either of us and we hadn't heard from her in awhile, I went looking for her. I found her in the upstairs bathroom. As soon as she saw me, she dropped a toothbrush (not hers by the way) and jumped down from the stool in front of the sink and said, "I NOT brushing my teeth!!!" I just looked down at her and saw blue toothpaste all over her mouth, teeth, shirt, jeans, and hands. Then I looked past her into the bathroom to find toothpaste all over the sink and counter. I'm pretty sure she brushing something....

Well, that's it. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend!!!!!

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