Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cow Town

On Saturday, Jeff took Zach to Cow Town for a Tiger Scout function. It was FREEZING!! Poor Zach had spent an hour playing soccer in the cold weather, then came home long enough to change clothes to head over to Cow Town to spend two more hours outside. He had fun, even though both he and Jeff were pretty cold by the time they got home.

Zach thought this coffin was funny....

They did get to go inside to tour some of the buildings. One of them was the building where they print papers. They even got to print their own piece of paper!

Pumping water!

The boys went into the barn to feed chickens, a horse, and a cow.

They also got to ride in a covered wagon....

...and a stage coach.

The finale of the day was a gunfight between these two people.

Even though it was COLD, Zach said he had a really good time. He loves scouts!!

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