Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We have a family tradition of going to the pumpkin patch every year. We have been going to Walter's Pumpkin Patch in Burns, KS since Riley was 6 months old. We LOVE it!! We could easily spend hours there! (and we did....3 hours!) There is SO much to do! This year we went with my sister Kathleen, my niece Rachel, and her little boy Ares.

Here are Lily and Ares in the wagon, ready to start their pumpkin adventure!
Yes.....I make them pose all over the place at the pumpkin patch. =)

We measure the kids against this sign every year. The first year we came, Riley couldn't even stand up, Jeff had to hold him up to the he almost reaches the 4 foot mark!
The train is always a must!

Ares was super excited about this!!

Lily was not that excited about the train. They have to ride by themselves and she kept trying to get out before it had even left, so we decided that it may not be a good idea for her. So, I made her take pictures by the pumpkins instead. =)
They have a big slide that is inside a hill of dirt. It's called Boo Mountain. They have big plastic pipes that are in the hill and you slide down on sleds. The boys LOVE it! Lily & Ares went down with Jeff & Rachel....I think they were OK with it...but I'm not sure they loved it.

We moved on to the giant pillow trampoline. It is safe for little kids, because it is not up off of the ground, if you fall, you just slide off. All of the kids liked this one!

After that, we headed off to the barn where they have some goats, but the kids preferred climbing into the giant bin of corn and climbing this rope. Even Jeff climbed up there!
Then we watched the pumpkin cannon! They shoot a big pumpkin out of the cannon and it goes really, really far!

This next attraction is Jeff's favorite. Pumpkin' Chunkin'! You put little pumpkins into slingshots and shoot them out over a little creek.

Rachel tried so hard to get Ares interested in this, but he really didn't care...

....he did get excited about playing at the next part. So did my kids. They had a tree swing, a tire mountain with sand, tricycles, and a hay bale maze!

I think Jeff is getting tired of the pumpkin patch here..... =)

Lily didn't let him lay down to relax for long though!
Finally, it was time to head to the actual pumpkin patch! At Walter's, you go into the patch and pick them right off the vine! The boys like to think they are going to get one of these giant ones. Strangely enough, they never do. =)

My boys out hunting for the perfect pumpkin.

All of the kids found one they liked! Yeah!

Ares found two he liked!

Time to head back......
While the adults sat down, the kids played on the playground.....yes, they still had energy!

Lily and Ares didn't have quite as much energy as Zach and Riley though....they had to take a snack break.

Our family at the pumpkin patch!

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